Rod Aparicio

Apr 25, 2022

Fake It Till You Make It. Bullshit advice.

So, Why Fake It Till You Make It Is BS.

It parts from the concept of you performing as if you're something you're not —or that you don't feel like one yet, despite whether or not you have the competence or not.

It's not like the more confident you act, the more confident you feel.

It's too short-sighted and volatile. When you don't get the expected results (likes, views, comments, etc.), you feel like you're still faking it and your confidence plummets. It reassures you that you're a fake. That you're not built for it. A self-fulfilled prophecy. The perfect recipe for a vicious loop.

Besides, it is:

  • Insincere. You're faking it.

  • Over confident. You might make riskier decisions well over your competence.

  • Unprofessional. Honesty builds trust. Faking it when you don't know if you can deliver, is just risky to the ones you serve. How pro is that?

Work it till you make it.

Instead, accept that you're on the way to progress. Embrace discomfort.

Confidence builds through competence: practice and get better at it.

Build expertise quickly. Focus on one thing and make that learning curve really steep.

Work on your mindset. It's about progress, not about being ready -'cause you'll never be. It's about action. And knowing your limitations. Get it done, het it better, repeat.

It's ok to be crappy, just don't ship crap.

Rod Aparicio

Brand Strategy Advisor for Indie Consulting Firms.