Rod Aparicio

Apr 29, 2022

Unsolicited writing advice for rookies. How to step off the hamster wheel of perfectionism. Be prepared to cringe a little [a lot].

Just write and publish. Don't polish.

What you're trying to get first is the self-discipline of writing consistently -daily, weekly, whatever. Show up.

Then, you'll have time to edit, refine, format and more. For now, write AND publish.

Beat perfectionism. And cringe.

Perfectionist AND procrastinator? 🙋 That's exactly why i pushed myself to just write and publish. No editing. No formatting. Publish.

And fucking cringe at it. Embrace it. You'll be ok. I mean, I'm still here -alive, safe and sound.

Once that first part is over (and you'll know when), the editing and giving order to your writing will come easier, instead of sitting in front of your screen for hours, typing, deleting, re-typing, formatting, deleting... you get the idea.

Create ridiculous simple systems to capture your thinking

Inspiration hits and it's gone.

The best way to get it? For me it was google keep (or any simple note-taking) and whatsaap (i write and send voice messages to myself 😂). You got your own systems. Just go with it.

Atomic essays pressure

Beat it. It's just a guideline. It's meant to help you write consistently. It doesn't need to be 250 words. You can go with more. Or less. The point is to ship.

You ship = write AND publish.

It's ok to be crappy. It's part of the process.

One last point. One idea. A TV show instead of a Movie.

The goal of the atomic essay is just to publish ONE idea. If you have something complex, break it down into a series.

You could make 16 hours of a movie. OR make 16 episodes to tell the same story.

Choose your intro, your approach to the big picture. With the start or the end. And then take us in that journey.

Now, go. Ship.

A word from an indie pirate shipper. 🏴

Rod Aparicio

Brand Strategy Advisor for Indie Consulting Firms.