Rod Aparicio

Feb 27, 2022

What's the point, if we're almost after the point of no return?

What's the point of writing about brand, equity, money, revenue, business and time if time is the last thing we currently have? The ship has sailed and we're on borrowed time. The world could end in the push of a fucking button.

Seeing people terrified with what could happen, situations escalating faster as days go by... Wtf to do?

I'm in a state of awe just seeing things develop and can't really do anything. Thinking of the outcomes, they're just going from bad to worse.

But if the game is life, and this quarter is almost lost, let's go with a tie. Maybe later we'll be able to break it in our favor. I just think that pushing back this far (and late) out might end up with everyone falling down and no more world.

I couldn't imagine the magnitude of what to give up on your country would be. But maybe -only maybe- we could have a chance to fight it from the inside and figure out ways to turn the tables on our favor.

I just don't know. And i don't want the world to end.

Rod Aparicio

Brand Strategy Advisor for Indie Consulting Firms.