Rubén García

Jan 23, 2022

3 learnings I got after being foretold about my learning failure

At 9, I was foretold I would fail learning Basque properly.

... if we didn't get the series of comics they were selling door to door. They were visually attractive. I would have loved to read them, a lot actually. But it was beyond the reach of our parents' budget, with only one salary at home.

In July 2020, I obtained my C2 accreditation (the highest European level).

3 lessons of a failure foretold

1️⃣ Success is not built in a day

Getting a diploma was never my main goal.

But it is still a public recognition highly appreciated. It's been many years since that prediction. Learning Basque has been a collateral dedication to my main studies (medicine) and even to other collateral studies (music & guitar).

Even in the shade, being curious and eager to learn has benn always there.

2️⃣ Take advantage of each and every opportunity to grow

The best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in it.

My parents were not born in the Basque Country, I did my elementary and high school studies in Spanish. Few people used Basque in our town at that time. But I took advantage of every single class in the euskaltegi (Basque academy), I enrolled to study medicine in Basque...

I prioritize(d) radio, TV, press and books in Basque whenever possible.

3️⃣ Consistency beats intelligence

Those who know me often say that I have a flair for languages.

Perhaps this is partly true. But it may also be a way of putting a blindfold on and not seeing the work behind it. Because if everything depends on having (or not) a gift, then personal work is superfluous.

It just isn't.

One of the most common causes of failure is the habit of quitting when one is overtaken by temporary defeat. Napoleon HIll

Rubén García

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