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Oct 2, 2022

4 work-related areas as a doctor to gain the feeling of completion and, thus, increase motivation (1)

Waking up every morning to the same list of areas kills motivation. Tiago Forte.

I wrote recently about what society expects from 21st century physicians, something more than just seeing patients. That scenario can result in a source of stress. And place us on the edge of the burnout cliff. Especially if we don't work our sense of completion.

The only way out of the tunnel is through.

The 4 work-related areas in my PKM (1)

I'm trying to make sense of this complex reality through my Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) system.

I have subdivided work in my PKM system in 4 different areas (along with another personal 7 areas). Let's take a look today at the first 2 of them:

1️⃣ Clincal cases

I've got a particular mindset to approach those in a project-based way.

When facing patients' complaint or set of symptoms, I will ask myself What has to be true to be done with this particular health issue? From something common and simple, like a cold, to more complex issues. The latter will require some self-guided research, for instance:

Read XYZ article to addressthis particular diagnostic approach or update my knoledge of the treatment options.

Most childhood healh issues are self-limited. But even for the chronic condition we see most often, asthma, we could think about projects and areas:

  • each of the asthma attacks could be considered a project-like issue.

  • the chronic condition itself would be the area, being the standard to be maintained keeping the lowest possible dose of medication to ensure a good quality of life free from asthma attacks and adequate lung function.

2️⃣ Continuing Medical Education (CME)

Taking or delivering CME is an area.

It's an ongoing standard. It crystalizes in different kinds of projects. Those could be attending courses/congresses or just reading/updating a particular area of medical knowledge

Or to solve a particular clinical case.

Some seasons of our lives are all about the journey, but others are more like sprints. Tiago Forte

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