Rubén García

Oct 3, 2022

4 work-related areas as a doctor to gain the feeling of completion and, thus, increase motivation (2)

The chapter you are learning today is going to save someone's life tomorrow. Pay attention. Anonymous.

First, I took a look at the 7 competencies any 21st century doctor should endure. Then, I started unfolding the first 2 work-related areas in my PKM. As the best way I can think of to overcome stress and burnout.

Approaching job with a project-mindset offers greater sense of completion and fulfillment.

The 4 work-related areas in my PKM (2)

Making sense of the complex reality through my 4 work-related areas in my PKM. Time for the last 2 of them:

3️⃣ Employed worker and work organization

I play a role at a local pediatric association.

That involves different scenarios. Bringing particular suggestions to the health authorities on how to improve pediatric care, organizing medical training, coordinating with other local pediatric associations, talking with the media sometimes... Much of this, though, is delegated. Several workgroups with an specific goal in mind.

Oftentimes, I limit myself to delivering specific tasks/projects and getting assured the work is done.

4️⃣ Research

I've collected data for several studies (projects with due dates).

3 years ago, I also took a post-degree on the use of Basque (language) in our health care system. Part of that megaproject was the final work, a small research I conducted through a survey of the professionals working in my health center at the time. After it was finished, I started a more ambitious project, to investigate the same issue across the whole structure of the Basque public health care system.

Still waiting for someone to assist me with the statistics for the 2000+ surveys I got.

As it's often the case, most but not all from 2️⃣ through 4️⃣ is done in my personal time, as my conscious contribution to serve both my patients and their families and my fellow colleagues.

Modern knowledge work is so complex and demanding, it is wise to think of ourselves as “cognitive athletes.” Unlike professional athletes, however, we have to train our mental fitness to run both sprints and marathons at different times. Tiago Forte

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