Ryan Dreyer

Sep 30, 2022

How I Overcame Fear Of Judgement And Started Creating Content Online

My #1 obstacle to creating content online was receiving judgement from others - and going forward anyway.

I started posting online in 2020 and felt like I was under a microscope of judgement and criticism.

I knew that creating content would bring new opportunity into my life. But I also knew people from my past were casting stones at what I was trying.

I knew people weren't actually paying attention to me nearly as much as I expected. But I also had close friends question my efforts to my face.

My mind was in an epic tennis match volleying rationalizations back and forth to keep going and quit everything.

After 2 years of pushing on, I've built a business, quit my 9-5 and filled my life with opportunity around my passions.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of people stuck where I used to be: afraid to start and not giving themselves permission to fail in public.

Here are 3 things I did that helped me start posting online and keep going in the face of fear:

1: Get lost in the reps

I was so uncomfortable tip-toeing through the early reps of posting content.

I hadn't found my voice, was stuck sitting in angst over the reaction to each individual post and desperate for confidence.

Then I realized the daily commitment to posting was more important than what any individual post actually was.

My focus shifted from how my content did to the fact that I was continuing to pump out content. I started to pay less attention to potential judgement and leaned into the confidence that came with reps.

2: Connect with other content creators

I was lonely when I started posting online because none of my close friends were doing it.

But I was and continuing on mattered to me. Connecting with other content creators online gave me a sense of community and support.

I stopped viewing myself as the only one trying this thing and leaned into being a part of an entire group that was working together.

3: Capitalize on new opportunities that show up

After a few months of posting consistently, I started to get invited on podcasts to talk about what I was up to.

I got interviewed on my ultramarathons, Carnivore vs. Plant Based diet experiment, coaching business and more.

These opportunities gave me massive proof that there were (at least some) people out there who enjoyed what I was up to.

My hope is that, if you want to start creating online, you lean on these 3 tips and overcome any fear of being judged.

Ryan Dreyer

I talk about gaining mental independence through endurance | Coaching a tribe of beginner triathletes to Ironman | www.traintribal.com