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Mar 30, 2022

If You are a Niche Creator and You use Pinterest your Experience is about to get better - Creators are getting a Swiss Army Knife

Pinterest is a cash-generating monster that will dominate that global creator economy

Pinterest just made a move of pushing over a million dollars into its underrepresented creator fund - A highly strategic move. This will be a move that will unlock Pinterest's oversea's multifaceted creator ecosystem.

Pinterest's multi-dimensional story of the creator at the center is a unique shapeshift:

The Creator's Tool Kit is Becoming Multi-Dimensional

The platform is pivoting from a place for DIY (Do it yourself) decoration ideas and craft projects into one where creators can drive engagement through video.

Long-term engagement is being anchored by a video content framework built around Idea Pins. Idea Pins can connect multiple video recordings, images, lists, and custom text into a single Pin so a set of products can be shown in the form of a story and knowledge map that shows sub-ideas.

This Idea Pins centered visualizations can drive engagement because they are designed to inspire action rather than simply entertain.

Pinterest is setting itself up to serve the underrepresented

The visual search engine already has one of the most diverse user bases with 80% of 430+ million users being located outside the US.

This move to start a 20 million fund for underrepresented groups and focus on niche sectors like Fashion/Beauty, Wellness, Lifestyle/Home will put Pinterest in a unique position to cater to a more diverse global creator economy that is just coming online.

A 50 million person (0.7% of the global population) global creator economy is poised to only grow and Pinterest is in the right spot to cater to a global market.

The fact Pinterest also has nearly 3 billion dollars in liquid cash, no debt, and an average revenue per user growing at 21%+ means this platform is poised to dominate.

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