Son Le Thanh

Jan 23, 2022

What do you want to hear from entrepreneurs, change-makers, tech leaders in Vietnam?

“Vietnam has early seen tremendous amount of maturity and growth that is going to put it as a very important hub for the region” - Binh Tran, co-founder of Ascend Vietnam Ventures

However, everything is not as rosy as it looks. The majority of Vietnamese software engineering students could not speak decent English and lack other essential soft skills like writing and working effectively in a team. The graduates are still largely attracted by software outsourcing companies.

I am a software engineer myself and I graduated from the education system in Vietnam, I could understand the flaws with the pedagogy.

I am launching a podcast called "This is Vietnam". I am interviewing entrepreneurs, change-makers, tech leaders in Vietnam.

These are the topics I want to cover

Attracting and retaining talents

Do you know that Vietnamese from the North, Central, South East and South West have completely different mindsets? how successful founders build teams in different parts of Vietnam to cultivate the strengths of the graduate students.

Challenges with the legal framework

Vietnamese Government is quite sceptical about developing the policies and laws to embrace the digital economy. How the forward-thinking entrepreneurs navigate the muddy legal landscape to carry out the business and not violate the law?

What's next in 2-5 years

Social commerce, fintech, BNPL, GameFi etc are booming in Vietnam. Why are they booming? Is there any causation from the Vietnamese with regard to culture, lifestyle and income level? what's changed in the consumers' behaviours? How do the middle-class population perceive digital services?

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Son Le Thanh

I am a software guy but enjoy community building. I found Startup Grind Singapore and now I am based in Singapore, dad of 2 boys.