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Vernon Richards | Quality Coach

Vernon Richards | Quality Coach

January 28, 2022

3 Ways Testers, Devs Or Anyone Else Can Determine What Kind Of Team They're In So They Can Decide If They Want To Stay In It Or Not!

Sometimes the best option is to leave.

That's pretty stark! However, sometimes it has to be done. As the saying goes, you can change your organisation, or you can change your organisation. Or team in this case!

The trick is knowing which team you're in!

What do your teammates value?

It takes a lot of effort to change our values and beliefs.

Do they value:

  • Individuals and interactions or processes or tools?

  • Working software or comprehensive documentation?

  • Customer collaboration or contract negotiation?

  • Responding to change or following the plan?

  • Begging forgiveness or seeking permission?

  • Generalists or specialists?

How compatible are your values with theirs?

What is their baseline assumption?

Assumptions make an ass out of you and me!

Do they assume:

  • The plan is wrong from the outset?

  • The plan is correct from the outset?

Do their assumptions make your actions look bonkers or reasonable in their eyes?

What is their attitude to surprises?

Some people love them, and some people loathe them!

Do surprises make them think:

  • "Surprises are going to happen! We must expect them to show up!"

  • "Surprises are bad! We must prevent them from happening or control them!"

Is their reaction to surprises shock & horror or excitement & curiosity?

None of these is objectively better or worse!

Although we do have preferences and biases.

The goal is not to denigrate or permanently labels people in ways they cannot recover from. The goal is to understand what environment you're operating in. Then you have a better chance of changing your team or your team.

Unless... the team isn't the problem! 😉