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Vernon Richards | Quality Coach

Vernon Richards | Quality Coach

November 7, 2022

20 Do's and Don'ts When Recruiting Testers When You Aren't Used To Hiring Them That Will Increase Your Odds Of A Successful Hire!

Over the last 10 years, I've helped over 10 companies hire many testers.

Often it's been in the context of helping folks who don't geek out over quality and testing as much as I do (😅). So to all my EM, VP of X and CxO pals that need to distinguish between Jason Bourne testers and Johnny English chancers, this one is for you!

Let's get into it.

  1. DO find ways to expose how they think about quality and testing.

  2. DON'T turn it into free consulting.

  3. DO explore their experience, ask about career choices, what they're proud of and anything they'd do differently if given a chance.

  4. DON'T have folks re-read what's already on the CV/resume.

  5. DO get curious about things you might find objectionable (e.g. the presence or absence of testing certification).

  6. DON'T get overly judgemental and miss a blind spot.

  7. DO have them talk through how they approached quality and performed testing in particular roles.

  8. DON'T get distracted by philosophical debates that don't help you or them.

  9. DO know which parts of your job description are deal-breakers and which ones you're flexible on.

  10. DON'T waste people's time by not reading their CV/resume properly when it's plain that they don't have that deal-breaking skill you're after (agile experience, automation tool knowledge, etc.).

  11. DO give them a realistic testing & quality problem that represents a typical challenge relevant to the position.

  12. DON'T ask them about "man"hole covers, how many planes are in the sky or any of that abstract nonsense (it's 2022 people!).

  13. DO interview folks outside of the office at some point.

  14. DON'T always pick a pub for these off-site sessions.

  15. DO remember that they need to interview you too, so leave time for that.

  16. DON'T forget to tell them about the next steps and set expectations.

  17. DO have them meet at least one of the team during the process.

  18. DON'T invite allThePeople to the interview and risk intimidating them.

  19. DO confer on the offer decision to prevent bias.

  20. DON'T forget to give feedback to unsuccessful candidates.