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Vernon Richards | Quality Coach

Vernon Richards | Quality Coach

October 30, 2022

5 Resources I'm Using To Learn How To Test APIs

I love testing APIs!

The problem is, I haven't done it for a while 😅! A LONG while! Luckily, there are some excellent resources available that I'll be using to get myself back up to speed.

Here's what I'll use to (re)learn API testing:

  1. Exploring Service APIs through Test Automation: A course on Test Automation University (TAU) by the amazing Amber Race. Amber knows a ton about technical testing, and APIs are no different.

  2. Testing Web APIs: A book by the marvellous Mark Winteringham. It's very comprehensive, and I'll be able to use it as a reference.

  3. Next Level API Automation: A talk by the jaw-dropping Julia Pottinger from TestBash UK. It's an excellent overview of the basics before diving into tooling and implementation.

  4. API Test Automation with Postman: Another TAU course, this time from the badass Beth Marshall. This list would be incomplete without going in on Postman, and that's what Beth does here. Fun fact: I was going to start here, but Beth helpfully signposts us to Amber's course, so I went there instead! Thanks Beth!

  5. Automating and Testing a REST API: A book by The Evil Tester, aka the auspicious Alan Richardson. I'll need an example of what "good" looks like when working with APIs. Luckily, Alan has us covered with his excellent book! He likes to be tool agnostic too, so the various examples with different tools will be perfect for me.

What are you learning and what resources are you using to do it?