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Vernon Richards | Quality Coach

Vernon Richards | Quality Coach

November 6, 2022

6 Alternatives Engineering Managers Can Use So Their Tester Vacancy Doesn't Stay Open For Months On End

"We've had the position open for six months and still can't find the right fit".

I get it. You work in a unique environment and need someone with a particular set of attributes to help the team achieve their goals. The problem is, every day you don't hire The Perfect Tester™️ is another day wasted. 

Here are 6 things you could do instead!

Stop looking for unicorns! Unicorns have options. What can you offer to make them sit up and take notice?

Grow your own! Where could you find someone (a baby unicorn?) with the right temperament and give them the proper support and training to grow into the role? What would that support and training look like?

Change the language in your job description! How might you be repelling candidates by highlighting the wrong things? What's more important to mention, beer o'clock or exciting problems?

Go to where unicorns graze! Do the people that you're interested in hiring know you exist? What could you do to raise your profile and visibility with them?

Promote from within and backfill! What's stopping you from promoting someone that already knows the context and giving them the support, encouragement AND salary to take on the position? How much easier would it be to backfill the old position than hire into the new one?

Look at your package structure! Who can you afford? Are you shopping in Harrods with an Aldi budget? If straight cash is difficult, how else can you make the offer attractive? Flexibility? Seniority?