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Vernon Richards | Quality Coach

Vernon Richards | Quality Coach

November 9, 2022

Here Are 6 Mistakes To Avoid Using Behaviour Driven Development So It Becomes A Success In Your Team

Given you have a testing problem
When you use BDD to solve it
Then don't expect huge success

Given you haven't captured your conversations
When you automate the behaviour
Then don't be surprised if they're checking the wrong things

Given your team isn't in the habit of discussing behaviour
When you attempt to capture the conversation
Then it probably will feel forced

Given you're including implementation details in your feature files
When the UX changes
But the behaviour does not
Then expect a feature file maintenance nightmare

Given you aren't using a domain specific language
When you try to implement anything
Then expect to spend time clarifying allTheThings

Given testers have written the feature files in isolation
When they're finished
Then don't expect anybody else to use them

Given I have shared these mistakes with you
When your team is about to repeat them
Then you can help prevent it happening