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Vernon Richards | Quality Coach

Vernon Richards | Quality Coach

November 3, 2022

Your 3-Step Guide To Creating A Test Plan

"I’d like some advice around writing an end-to-end test plan on a product that isn’t remotely finished and where boundaries keep moving. We deliver in 2 weeks."

A friend of mine just asked me this question. It's a situation that I've been in a few times before. It can be quite stressful when you're in a situation like this. Particularly if you're new and still learning about the business, the people and the technology!

I like to break things down and let each step build upon the next!!

Clarify the situation

The answers to these questions will help you understand the mission:

  • What problem does our product/service solve?

  • How would you describe the people who are trying to solve that problem?

  • How does testing help?

  • Who is building the solution?

  • What skills do they have?

  • What strengths do they have?

  • What weaknesses do they have?

  • What's our biggest challenge from your perspective?

  • What are people most worried about regarding this product or service?

Explain how it will be dealt with

The answers to these questions will help you describe your strategy:

  • What principles will we use to guide us through the situation?

  • What's the biggest risk that threatens the success of the delivery?

  • What options do we have based on our context?

  • Of those options, which ones should we focus on exploiting the most?

    • And what makes that a good decision?

  • What information will testing reveal?

  • How do we intend to get that information?

  • What information will we ignore at first (or completely!)?

  • How do we intend to overcome our biggest obstacles? 

Describe what actions will be taken

The answers to these questions will form your test plan:

  • Which parts of the product or service are the highest priority?

  • Which testing activities are the highest priority?

  • Which tools will we use to carry out the testing activities?

If you're in this situation, too, I hope this helps!