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Apr 28, 2022

5 Ways to Use Obsidian for Productivity & Personal Growth

I came across Obsidian while exploring the world of PKM (personal knowledge management).

Roam Research, Notion, & Obsidian are a few apps that can be used to build a PKM system.

Here are 5 ways I use Obsidian daily as my PKM system for enhanced productivity & personal growth:

Create & repurpose content at work

The biggest impact has been on my content creation and repurposing abilities. By building a few databases of resources and interlinked notes, my speed of content creation has gone up a notch.

Save tweets & highlights from Kindle, emails, & web articles

I have connected Instapaper and Readwise with Obsidian for this purpose. I am able to process things I read in a much better way with this system combined with the art of progressive summarization.

Organize and synthesize product research

My day job requires me to do research on multiple things including medical and scientific journals. Obsidian makes it easy to organize and refer to the research at the time of content creation.

Capture meeting notes, random thoughts, and movie quotes

Active note-taking allows me to stay on top of things, clear my head, and save tons of time in the future. The Obsidian mobile app on Android is a life-saver for this purpose as it syncs seamlessly with my laptop.

As a morning journal and mood diary

I have custom templates for my morning journal and mood diary within Obsidian. It makes it easier to jot down racing thoughts in my head by answering certain questions and filling a pre-decided framework.

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