Vishal Srivastava 🚢

Apr 24, 2022

Why Do I Write? 3 Reasons I Have Joined Ship30for30

I enjoy putting my thoughts in writing.

Writing helps me clear my head.

The blank page is like the Pensive which Dumbledore in Harry Potter used to clear his head off old memories.

Now, I see writing as an act of self-discovery.

It is because when you write, you clarify your thinking. When you clarify your thinking, you become more self-aware.

Writing has also helped me earn my living as a digital marketer over the past 4 years.

I see writing as an act of creation at work.

Be it writing emails, content strategy document, blogs, or writing SOPs for the team, clear writing helps create new content as well as scalable systems.

As the next step in my writing journey, I have joined Ship30for30 for following 3 reasons:

  • To Build the Habit of Daily Public Writing

Consistency matters. So far, I have been writing a newsletter every week for past 6 months. I want to develop a daily habit to help me discover and create more.

  • To Overcome Perfectionism

Perfect is the enemy of good and procrastination in disguise. I no longer want it to become a blocker in the consistency of the creative journey.

  • To Develop the Courage of Publishing in Public

Fear is the natural outcome of putting yourself out there. However, I want to replace fear with courage and feedback- another natural outcome of writing in public.

Vishal Srivastava 🚢

Writer by heart, content marketer by skill, knows some SEO. Writing about content strategy, SEO, and scaling content operations in a marketing team.