Paa Kwesi Acquah

Jan 30, 2022

A Story About Human Stubbornness And Why We Should Keep Moving

“Just keep moving” shouted the high ropes course guide as she watched me closely from the ground.

Of course, that made no sense to me as I swung with fear on a piece of wood dangling from ropes and cables fixed to a high rope platform at the Legon Botanical Gardens in Accra.

She screamed, “the longer you stay on that platform, the more you will swing”. Yet, it still made no sense as I thought standing still will make me calm enough to continue. No, it didn't. I became crippled with fear even though I was hanging on the safety of my body harness. I summoned every courage I had left and started to move. It didn’t take too long for me to realise that she was right; the quicker you moved, the less likely you were to swing in fear.

Like on that platform, in life, we must also keep moving forward, taking the next step in the face of difficulty.

It’s no surprise that nature follows the same rule.

Water keeps moving, fire keeps moving, the air keeps moving, animals keep moving, even plants and the earth keep moving.

Humans tend to do the opposite.

It is quite obvious that our resistance to movement in our lives is the root of many physical, mental and emotional discomfort and illnesses.

To be healthy we must keep moving, but we don’t. when we fail, we must keep moving, but we don’t want to.

Embrace moving on.

Move your body, let go of hurt and disappointment, trust again, start over, build again. Just keep moving.

This, I think, is how to live.

Paa Kwesi Acquah

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