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Corey Koehler 💡

Corey Koehler 💡

April 30, 2022

Marketers: Robots Are Taking Our Jobs, Here's Why You Will Like It

Robots are going to take our jobs.

But that's not a bad thing.

In fact, it's a great thing!

Marketing experts are already telling us that the future of marketing is in AI and automation. They're also telling us that copywriting will be one of the first job types to go.

Bots? Take our jobs? What?! Why would we want that?

Because that's what will free us up to do more creative work—and creative work is what we were born to do.

We were born to solve problems and help people, not write product descriptions or emails all day long. That stuff's boring, anyway. It's time-consuming, it takes away from the most important parts of our job, and it leaves little room for actual creativity.

Letting robots take care of tedious tasks (like writing copy) will give us more time for innovation.

And give us more time for thinking outside the box to discover new ways to market ourselves and our clients.

Writing will be fun again.

We'll have time for strategy, time for real innovation. Time for working on the interesting stuff that makes us feel like we're making a difference.

No more wasting valuable time staring at a blank page. No more sifting through endless freelance websites look for a reliable reader to do it for you. Jump into your account and start writing.

Curious? Want to take AI writing for a spin?

Get your free Copy.ai account today and start writing… I mean… letting the bots help you start writing.

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