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Creator Packs

Template Packs created by partner creators.



Solopreneur Template Pack

Build in public, tell your story, and share your milestones along the way.



Dickie Bush’s Thread Hooks

11 Twitter Thread hooks that practically guarantee you’ll go viral.



Nicolas Cole’s Thread Hooks

11 Twitter Thread hooks that practically guarantee you’ll go viral.

Audience Building

Template packs to build & engage your audience in record time.




Expand your audience by creating universal content.




Engage your audience by creating niche content.




Leverage other creators’ expertise to build your audience.

First Edition

Our first edition of Template Packs


Life Lessons

Share the timeless wisdom that has made the biggest difference in your life.


Personal Stories

Tell stories that allow readers to see themselves in you.


Industry Insights

Shed some light on where you believe the future is headed.


Career Mistakes

Help readers avoid mistakes by learning from your experiences.


Tools Curation

Share organized lists of valuable tools, platforms, books, podcasts, etc.


Viral Opinions

Present your insights and perspectives in a way that scales to millions of readers.


Expertise Secrets

Leverage your unique knowledge to have an impact on your industry.


Curated Frameworks

Transform other people’s mental models into consumable content.


Thought Leader Profiles

Curate the timeless stories and insights of other inspiring people.


Wild Unknown Stories

Take readers on a journey that will surprise and delight them.

Timeless Frameworks

Build and share new ways of thinking about the world.


Curated Takeaways

Crystallize your own learnings by sharing your takeaways with others.