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✨ Dena

✨ Dena

January 18, 2022

My PKM App Stack: The Calmer Notes Version

When it comes to PKM, it's important to embrace that there’s no one app fits all approach.

I created a process that focuses on using different tools for different contexts.

My approach aimed to choose at least 3 apps in each category, focused on fitting the Apple ecosystem which involves my iPad/iPhone/Mac/Watch OS.

It may seem like a lot of tools and contexts, but I gave up the perfect note-taking system and seemed to find a happy-medium for my personal knowledge management app stack as follows:

πŸ“– Reading/Learning

Learning: Skillshare/Youtube

Reading: Kindle

Browsing: Medium/Twitter

πŸ“š Referencing

Resource Clipper - Instapaper

Active recall - Readwise

Scanning/Referencing - Evernote

πŸ“ Note taking

Quick capture - Drafts

Note taking & Planning - NotePlan

Annotating/Journaling - Noteshelf

Daily Page - Craft

⏰ Task & Time Management

Task Management - Things

Calendar - Fantastical

Time Blocking/Habit Tracking - TickTick

πŸ“Š Project Planning

Business Projects - Notion

Personal/Life Admin - Asana

Browser: Google Chrome & Comake Extension

πŸ“₯ Processing

Email - Spark

Budgeting - YNAB

Memory Keeping - DayOne

🎨 Designing

Brainstorming - Milanote

Product design - Keynote

Digital assets - Canva

πŸ‘‰πŸ» I highly recommend using Calmer Notes as a guide to help find your calmer notes PKM system.

πŸ’¬ If you'd like to learn about specific apps & workflows of how I setup my PKM system, let me know & I'll be happy to share relevant essays/content in the future.