Kevin Alexander

May 14, 2022

4 Things Most People Don't Know About me.

You might know me from my music writing, and as the guy looking out over his coffee cup at you. But there's more to me than music, coffee, and planes. Okay, not a whole lot, but still...

Here are a few things you might be surprised to find out. Does this count as an "admin reveal?" Am I too old to use that term?

I get up for work at 2:30 AM.

Those early morning flights everyone loves to hate? Someone's gotta work, 'em, and that someone is me. It's brutal, but I do get to watch the sunrise.

The lifestyle bros that extoll the virtues of an 0500 wakeup? They're lying.

I've been at the same company for almost 25 years,

I think I'll just hang out for a year or two until I figure out what I really want to do.
~Me, in 1997

This fall will mark 25 years since I first walked through the doors. It's been...a ride: 9/11, transfers, bankruptcy for the company, a merger, unprecedented profits, and of course COVID.

I wouldn't change it for anything.,

I've been to 49 states.

As my friends left for college, I left to find America. Reading Blue Highways and On The Road led to a lot of trips to nowhere and meeting amazing people everywhere along the way. I was also set to finish the list in 2020, but you know, COVID.

Does anyone want to guess what the last state might be?

I had my work published in a book last year,

I was part of a collective that published a book about life during the pandemic. It was a great look into what it really takes to put a book together (an actual tangible book, not just the e-book version). Sales went absolutely nowhere, which is why it's on this list, but it was a valuable experience.

So there you go! A bit of a look behind the curtain at the person behind your screen.

Kevin Alexander

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