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Lola 🧪

Lola 🧪

January 3, 2022

Reasons why CBC's are a cheat code for Solopreneurs

I used to be a course skeptic, why pay, sometimes multiples more, for some knowledge that I could very well learn by myself on my own? And while I don’t think you need a course for everything there are a few ways Cohort Based Courses (CBC) can be especially useful to solopreneurs.

Reason # 1 - Make solo-working not so lonely

The right CBC will put you in the orbit of quality people who will become friends, confidants and partners.

I started my career in industrial supplies (😅) and while I did go to Dartmouth which has a decent network, I didn't have many close connections with people who had built or were building businesses. CBC's changed that for me.

While, I've made friends by showing up consistently on Twitter and through some online communities, joining a small group of individuals engaged in a shared learning experience made those connections so much deeper.

Reason #2 - Learn topics that aren't well understood

I've found the most value on topics where the "how to learn" isn't completely understood. Sure you could take a CBC on Javascript but there are a lot of ways you can learn javascript without paying for a cohort. Where are you to go to learn how to start a portfolio of small bets, how to write online, or how to be a minimalist entrepreneur?

Reason #3 - the best teachers

You also don't have to be constrained to the teachers you are connected to or are in your city. You can literally learn from the best in the world on many topics.

Those are my top three reasons. I actually just joined another CBC this month, Ship 30 for 30, and can't wait to share the experience and continue to refine my thinking on their value when I'm done.