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Lola 🧪

Lola 🧪

January 19, 2022

3 ways to work in public

Transparency and openness are en vogue. There’s the open startup trend that companies like Butter and Ghost embrace, Austin Kleon put out the call for artists and creators to Show Your Work in his 2014 book, and many creators today embrace #buildinpublic.

Why does this matter?

Digital leverage. Sharing what you're doing is a piece of content with the potential to be a force multiplier on your inputs. A few creators and founders are turning up the leverage on their regular working activities by making them public and here are some examples.

1/Working on a task? Stream it

This is already very popular in the coding world, with coders of all abilities, streaming while they code. However, a few creators have done this for other work processes as well. Aprilynne Alter live streams her scriptwriting process on Twitch, Doc Williams live streams NFT building sessions, and JJ Englert records as he creates new features with Bubble.

2/ Have meetings? Put them on youtube

Sahil Lavingia opens up Gumroad’s board meetings and puts them on youtube making it possible for anyone to see the inner working of the company.

3/Questions in your DMs? Tweet them

Lolita Taub does this really well with her asking for a founder tweets, she’ll share questions from founders and her replies become a useful resource that others can benefit from too.