Nick Simard

Jan 11, 2022

The LMNOP Framework for Finding Writing Ideas

I came up with this alphabetical system by picking a string of consecutive letters that sounds good. I landed on LMNOP.

Here they are:

L is for Listen

Pay attention to the things you hear throughout the day. The world is a noisy place, but there are some auditory nuggets. Be ready to take note of them.


  • to others

  • to podcasts

  • to conversations

  • for headline ideas

M is for Mimic

I mean mimic as a synonym to imitate. Don’t copy something outright, but there’s no shame in replicating successful content, with your own twist.


  • winning formulas

  • topics that engage

  • engaging formats

N is for Notice

To be a writer is to be a professional noticer. Always be on the lookout for things that spark inspiration, which you can grow into a full-fledged inferno.


  • what makes you uncomfortable

  • what people ask your advice on

  • how people act/react to situations

O is for Outshine

This could also be “outdo”. Do something better than another person. If they had 7 tips, write 9. If the content shone but the formatting didn't, improve it.


  • the number of items on a list

  • the quality/depth of an article

  • the approach to digital writing

P is for Paraphrase

Take something interesting and restate it to give the meaning in a different form. Like I did for the definition of “paraphrase” from


  • a conversation/interview and expand upon it

  • a well-known story, and add to it

  • the content of valuable videos

It’s pronounced “ellem-enno-pee” by the way ;)

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