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CitrustPebbles 🍊 🚢

June 16, 2022

Real Estate On the Blockchain: 6 Disruptive Property Investments

Hot on the heels of a .75 increase on the benchmark interest rate by the Federal Reserve, many are looking for other ways to invest in real estate beyond the more traditional route of purchasing a property. Additionally, at a time when prices on everything are getting higher and higher, homeowners may be looking for creative ways to access their equity for immediate needs.

These 6 companies offer a fresh and unique opportunities:


Lofty offers tokenized portions of rental properties starting at $50, and you can pay with several types of crypto. Properties have a manager in place and investors earning rental income and vote on issues. Property owners can apply to sell their properties on Lofty as well.


Nada's Cityfunds allow regular people to invest in popular real estate markets, like Austin, Miami, and Dallas for as little as $250. Investors receive dividends on the Nada debit card and earn rewards, too. Nada has opportunities for current homeowners in need of cash as well.


Vesta allows owners to access the value of their property through tokenization and real estate-backed NFTs. Investors can browse, make offers, and leverage liquidity on Vesta's peer-to-peer marketplace.


HomeJab is a marketplace where real estate photographers create and sell NFT's that represent professional photos of real world landmarks, landscapes, institutions, and homes. Homeowners can schedule a photo shoot and add on NFT service for $200.

Solid Block

SolidBlock is a real estate tokenization platform that uses blockchain technology to create security tokens representing fractional interest in real estate assets. Property owners benefit from an efficient way raise capital and the investment is accessible, starting at $250.

Pocket Properties

Pocket Properties is a mobile-focused platform that allows users to invest in both the debt and the equity side of real estate investments for as little as $10. Rent dividends are deposited directly to you each month and the properties are professionally managed. Homeowners can apply for loans through tokenization.

I'm so tired from house hunting that this listicle is paraphrased directly from each company's website. The KryptoNurd YouTube channel has interviews focused each project, so that you can get to know them better.