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Jan 20, 2022

There's at least $1,000 hidden inside Mac OS! And I'm here to show you how to find it!

Sorry to my Windows PC Friends but this time, this tip is Mac OS only

There’s more to the defaults that you have on your machines. Apple's hiding something from you.

And they’ve been sitting there since OS Catalina! (We're in Monterey Now!)

From Typography Guru:

To see and install these optional fonts, open the FontBook application and switch to “All Fonts”. Browse the font list and you will see lots of font families that are greyed out—either because they were deactivated or they weren’t downloaded yet.

OK now that you’ve seen the fonts on your machine, let’s talk about what to activate:

1 reason why Apple my favorite is that they design first mentality. So knowing that you know that they’ve already vetted some great typefaces for you to use, but just in case you want more advice here are my picks :

  1. Founders Grotesk - Klim Type - Is like your Favorite Helvetica only more masculine. Works great for display faces and works wonders as a textface this one’s a real workhorse! Lucky for us, we get this for free, if I’m not mistaken this typeface retails for ~$400.

  2. Proxima Nova - Mark Simonson - This is what happens when Helvetica is reimagined to be more geometrical. ~$300

  3. Publico - Commercial Type - A serif typeface that’s perfect for your documents and reports, It’s a bit condensed so you know you can fit more per line than your Garamonds and Bodonis. retails for ~$300

And that’s just the 3 of my favorites. Would you believe there’s even more? So dig in! What's your favorite? Please @ me. I would love to know

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