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Jan 29, 2022

Your brand can benefit from using a mascot regardless your industry and here's why

If you own a consumer facing business, there’s one thing you need to help with your longevity:

A Mascot.

Cheetos, Michelin, Lucky Charms, Frosted Flakes, Pillsbury, Cocoa Puffs, Mcdonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s and KFC

When you hear the brand, you don’t see the logo, you’re head is drawn to the mascot.

The NBA uses it, Multi-million dollar companies employ mascots, Japan uses these devices endlessly on everything! (you need to check out @mondomascots on twitter)

Mascots have power.

Here’s why:

1. Mascots are relatable

It’s hard to separate the michelin man from the michelin brand, I tried and I’m having a hard time.

Chester the Cheetah is Cheetos

Col. Sanders is KFC.

Kids demonstrate this idea best. When they spot a mascot, they go nuts. They don’t care what the mascot stands for. It's pure emotion!

2. Mascots equal fun.

Mascots connect with everyone.

Picture this:

You’re at a children’s party, what do you see?

A mascot. I’ve seen this effect with my 4-year old, when the mascot enters the room, screams from left right center. It's the sound of pure joy.

At Disneyland, when you see Micky Mouse strolling down the street, you can’t help but mob him, shake his hand and take a picture.

Because Mascots are fun. And fun --connects!

3. Mascots are a great reminder of your brand.

When you personify a brand, you’re occupying a space in someone’s head. Instead of a something your brand becomes a someone.

And someones are hella --- than somethings

4. Mascots grab attention.

Tube men in front of dealerships work for a reason.

You can see them a mile away flailing their arms drawing you in.

It’s a hack that companies have used to lure you in.

If you want to grab attention, put a face.

People are drawn to faces we are wired to spot faces. (Pareidolia)

Things that have faces have a higher probability of getting noticed vs ones that have none.

Final Thoughts

Mascots may seem trivial. I thought so too! I thought it was a waste of resource but when I saw how Japan uses mascots to help deliver their message and advocacy, I was converted.

Mascots are the ultimate way to evoke positive brand emotion.

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