Reza Fazeli

Jan 22, 2022

Follow This Simple Step to 10x Your Chances of Transitioning Into Tech

Moving into tech can be a difficult journey.

You have to learn new concepts, work on personal projects, and practice coding problems. Your evenings and weekends are devoted to learning and practicing. And staying focused when you feel unmotivated can be challenging.

But at least you have full control over all those steps.

There are steps that can be out of your control

You craft a strong resume. You fill out multiple application forms, providing detailed answers to all questions. You hit Submit.

Then nothing!

Weeks go by and you don't hear anything back. You start to question your abilities. Maybe your projects were not good enough. Maybe the whole idea of transitioning into tech was wrong.

Here is how you can avoid nervous breakdowns on a journey that is already difficult enough.

Send out cold messages

This can increase your response rate by 10x. It also doubles your chances of landing an interview. You essentially gain more control over this process just by sending cold messages.

This might seem stressful, awkward, or embarrassing at first. But think about the worse thing that could happen if you send that cold message.

Your message will be ignored

That's not too bad! I'd rather have my messages be ignored than have little control over the job application process.

Find the right person in the company and reach out

If you're targeting a smaller company, it's usually possible to find the hiring manager. Find them on LinkedIn, send a connection request, and add a short note describing your experience and interest in the role. Let them know that you've already applied online. Ask them if they would be open to a quick chat to answer a few questions about the role.

For larger companies, it can be difficult to find the hiring manager. You can reach out to someone in a similar role or a company recruiter.

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