Rod Aparicio

Mar 30, 2022

The Individual Being The Product. Why People Can't Be Brands.

People being the product. Can we?

There's a lot of pressure for productization and monetization. However, the big misunderstanding is here: mixing up ourselves (people) with the products and services we could provide.

People can't be brands. Nor products. Nor services. We just can't.


This goes back to the concept of being brandified (I know, again).

A product can change radically. A car, a book, a bottle. They can change, add or eliminate features —no only visually, but also functionally.

A person? I really don't think so. That, by default, would mean that you could, let's say, change your height, or how you speak, or what and how you think in order to attend a specific marketand change again to attend a different one.

If you did that, I'm pretty sure everyone would notice at some point it's a big fake. AND YOU'LL LOSE TRUST = the brands built around your products or services will lose meaning.

You'll be lost in the mushy middle... or forgotten.

A question to reflect

I'd ask, where's this high pressure to produce and monetize coming from? We could work backwards on it and —this is a hunch— find that the answer won't be that surprising.

It might come from the ones selling you personal branding. 🤷‍♂️

Rod Aparicio

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