Tracy Winchell

Apr 15, 2022

3 Benefits of Making Two "Control" Lists Each Morning

Focus your time & energy on what you control right now

Years of trying to control other people and outcomes is exhausting. I don't want to be that person anymore.

Two lists keep me focused on me instead of other people.

Two Lists

[[What don't I control today?]]

[[What do I control today?]]

Three Consistent Results

1. Relationships often improve.

What you see as "trying to be helpful" can be construed as interference by those close to you. In time, loved ones will believe that you accept them and love them unconditionally.

Remember Saturday Night Live's Debbie Downer? Who wants to be a drag on a pleasant conversation? Knowing what you do not control keeps you from complaining about or fixating on that which you do not control.

2. Own your time and attention with action on what you do control.

The "do control" list is the ultimate "living in the moment" forcing function.

Your plans may be derailed later in the day but right now is yours to do as you choose. Might as well control what you can, right?

3. You learn to endure annoyances.

You do not control the howling dog next door. Raging against the neighbor is not conducive to sleep. Do what you can with white noise or some other remedy.

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