B.J. Mendelson

Jan 29, 2022

Free Course: Email Marketing for Comic Book Creators

I'm a comics guy.

And right now?

Substack is throwing a lot of money around in the comics ecosystem.

But there's just one problem: Substack sucks.

Lesson #1: Don't Use Substack

You want to use ConvertKit. That's your first lesson.

ConvertKit is free for newsletters that have 1,000 subscribers or less.

I was excited when I first learned about Substack because I know how important email marketing is.

Especially when you remember that you don't own the platforms you're using to build an audience.

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok?

A lot of fun to use.

And it's true. With a lot of time and great content, you can build an audience with these platforms.

As Ali Abdaal describes, when asked about how he became so successful on YouTube: Ali just kept posting for two years. Even when no one showed up. It was the consistency of the publishing schedule and the continuous improvements in the quality of the videos that built him an audience.

Determine A Posting Schedule and Stick With It.

This is where everyone fucks up.

Pick a day and time that your newsletter will come out, and stick to it.

People think if they only use the latest thing, it'll bring them wealth, attention, and all the Melissa O'Neils they can handle.

But it's not true.

Algorithms change.

Policies change.

Over time, it becomes harder to reach your audience.

And in the case of Substack? It's important not to fund companies that avoid policing their platforms.

Life is too short, and money is too tight, to support unethical companies.

So get started with ConvertKit. Right now.

And then I will be back to show you how to build, operate, and grow a great newsletter using their platform.

All for free.


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