Joelle A Godfrey

Jan 28, 2022

Three reasons you should capture your lessons learned at the end of the week

Project Managers tend to learn from every experience.

Some of the tools we use to improve project after project can be useful in our everyday life. Before letting off steam when you take off on Friday, spend some time reviewing your week. Think about what went well and what could have gone better and how you can repeat it.

And here's why.

To capture your accomplishments in real-time

The end of the week isn't really real-time, but it's better than trying to remember an accomplishment 6 months later.

You have the accomplishments fresh in your head and they'll flow off your pen. And you'll have the details close at hand.

To use lessons learned on other projects.

If you capture the things that went well and opportunities to improve, you'll be able to use those lessons as similar situations present themselves. Even your failures become an opportunity to learn.

Which helps you with

Beating imposter syndrome

After writing down your lessons, take some time to review and read through your accomplishments. Look back through the past month and let what you've learned eat away at the doubts.

It's harder for the Critic to challenge your accomplishments if you're staring at them.

Joelle A Godfrey

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